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What is Production Team, and who is on it?

Production Team: A team, committed for a one-year period, comprised of advisors for each of the parent committees. Production Team members are ultimately responsible for overseeing the duties of their specific committee and its members, under the direction of the Cornerstone Coordinator.
PRODUCTION TEAM FUNCTION: To serve in an advisory capacity concerning Cornerstone Youth Theatre Central Alberta productions and to assist the Cornerstone Coordinator in any aspect of the Cornerstone program as needed.  Every Production Team Member must be willing to perform the task at hand in an expedient and efficient manner, with a personable and helpful attitude toward others. He or she will advise the specific committee chair (parent committee) concerning the production and parent committee responsibilities. He/she is accountable to the Cornerstone Coordinator.  He/she takes direction from the Cornerstone Coordinator, Artistic Director, and Executive Director.


·   Experience with the designated Parent Committee function.
·   Organizational skills, relational skills, artistic skills, and a general knowledge of the Cornerstone Youth Theatre Central Alberta production procedures.
·   Read and be thoroughly familiar with Cornerstone Youth Theatre Central Alberta’s Mission Statement, Values and Objectives, and Statement of Beliefs.
·   Agree to support the spirit and objectives of the Cornerstone Mission Statement, Values and Objectives, and Statement of Beliefs, and will not speak or behave in a manner that will undermine any of the above.
·   Attend production team meetings called by Cornerstone Coordinator.
·   Attend the Parent Meetings of each production to meet with specific committee as a resource person.
·   Be familiar with the specific committee manual so proper assistance can be given within Cornerstone guidelines.
·   Contact committee chair at least once per production to give advice as needed.
·   Follow up after production with any details involved in clean-up and/or return of equipment.
·   Assist committee chair in organizing and maintaining Showbook as needed
·  Review specific committee manual on a regular basis to update or make recommendations as observed during production.
·   Be involved in promotional aspects of classes and productions through flyer distribution and public relations
·   Agree to solve any disputes with co-volunteers, artistic team, Cornerstone staff members or involved families using Matthew 18:15-20. 
·   Agree to use the principles of Matthew 18:15-20 when working with students and their parents in helping them to settle any disputes that are Cornerstone related.


  1. Backstage - Tammy Gagnon
  2. Costumes - Liz DeGraff
  3. Curator
  4. Food Service - Andrea Ames
  5. Green Room - Tracey Oake
  6. House - Dorice Swensrude
  7. Makeup - Rachelle Hunt
  8. Props - Katharine McKee
  9. Publicity
  10. Playbill - Lisa Wach
  11. Refreshments - Bert Baker
  12. Sets -  Marlena Franson
  13. Souvenirs - Deb Rafuse 
  14. Tech - 


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