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Annie Callboard

CALL TME SUNDAY IS 2:PM.  Doors open at 1:30 for set up.
Parents - thank you for your hard work last night - today we STRIKE the show.
Things to remember -  
  1. The front of house sets up a little different today, because the Spanish church is meeting in fellowship hall.
  2. No Secret Pal gift today at the show - you exchange final gifts at the Strike Party, which is held TONIGHT at the CRC Church (#2 McVicar) across the parking lot from Nazarene, where we have classes.  We will send a remind on the time for that - as I can't remember. Cast, Crew, and families are invited to attend
  3. Please remember to collect the things you have lent Cornerstone for the show, and take them home
  4. We leave the cyc curtain up for Showcase.
  5. We can take all the black side flats out with the sets - who load from the back door
  6. We leave most of tech set up - except the cordless mic's.
  7. Students help their parent's committee to clean
  8. Please don't leave unless your work is done - and check out with Miss Scarlet or Miss Kathy 
Cast and Crew.
  1. No show notes for you (shocker!)
  2. After the show - come off stage, change your clothes, and then take your bin out to the main house.  Costumes will organize you there to take your costumes back, in the main house.  That leaves the Green Room open to be cleaned and reset.
  3. Ask your show buddy about putting your initials in your makeup (it's our closing show tradition) and be ready for the power squeeze at 2.00.

You have done a great job bringing some Christmas Cheer and Nostalgia to your patrons.
Be proud of your accomplishments and hard work.
Today, do what you know to do (stay focused), do it well, and have fun doing it.


Miss Stephanie


CALL TIME SATURDAY IS 2PM.  Doors open at 1:30 for set up.
We will open sooner - I'll send a remind when we have the building open.
Miss Ashley says “be delicate little flowers and quite stomping your feet backstage”
The following kids need to come talk to me at call time:
Caeden Nelson 
Kyleigh Woodward 
Emma Van Hyfte 
Lydia Sacallis 
Kaidence Lamontagne 
Lydia Rasmussen 
Emerson Weik
Katie Calder
My notes are in black - Miss Laurettes' are in blue
Act 1, Scene 1
I liked Annie singing that “Maybe” alone.  Thank you Roommates.
Lacey, thank you for taking and remembering to run around.  Good girl.
Quinn, great job being more animated.
Katie, what is the deal with your mic?  Is it you or Tech?
Act 1, Scene 2
Gracey, or Tucker, please let me know what was up with the Apple Seller’s mic
Gracey, you need to come on right behind the barrel – and then spots you need to come on as soon as you see the crew leave.
Gracey, you need to go slower across and milk those lines – really sell us.  You are going too fast. (but your elocution is excellent)
Good job spots, covering for Evan.  Be prepared for that kind of stuff, it’s live theatre.
It is TRUE’s job  to get Brooklyn out.
Act 1, Scene 3
Hooverville – why does it take you so long to come out?  
Tucker, why can’t I hear Riley Jane at the choir mics, on stage left?
Act 1, Scene 4
Very enjoyable scene.
Matt – good work as the cop
Kailyn and Coryn and Jaimie – very good.
Act 1, Scene 5
Thank you broom dancers! So much more dynamic.
Thank you Levi and Daniel, for carrying the picture well
Nice work for the whole scene.
Great whisper Jack and Coryn
Act 1, Scene 6
Carson, you have lots of time to help them dress.
Please take Grace’s white gloves back to Costumes, and she should use the other ones only
NYC, again, other than the models. You were avoiding the thrust….
AND your postcards could be way more dynamic.  Move levels….I mean, you KNOW where the part is, right?
Tucker, is McKenna’s head mic on or is she on the choir mic…because I believe she has a head mic…
Katie C., good job – you can hold a little longer with your line…there is time.
Evan, turned the lights down a little fast in the theatre.  
Jack, can you and Kailyn and Coryn exit stage right instead, so orphans can get on faster?
Good job with the new cue, Bella
Some of you are holding that long note at the end well. Some of you are dying out.  Please keep the energy through all the way to the end.  Remember – to sneak a breath if you need it!
Kailyn and Jack, and everyone else in NYC – you are holding “drive” too long. It is the same length as “pulse” and “beat”. 

Act 1, Scene 7
Spots, can you turn a spot on where Grace knocks on the door, 
Spots, and again when Rooster comes in (not for Lily)
Also spots, keep your light off the light walls, try to isolate it onto the blacks
Easy Street
Masen – don’t rush the start
Julia – make sure you sing all your assigned lyrics.
Act 1, Scene 8
Warbucks, you are strolling nicely.  Now add a few looks toward the audience.  
Coryn, thank you for looking right at Jack when you talked to him. 
Good job, all of you.
When Annie sings at the end….Logan, turn your spot off earlier so that  Ayva can fade out.
Act 2, Scene 1
As soon as people applaud for Annie, can Ayva spot Cole and his applause sign?  It could snap on.
We fixed the loop in the song, Jacob.  Great job punting.
Kailyn, can you wear the purply blue dress for the radio show, and the red dress for the later scene? Can you quick change from the red to the sparkley?
  Fully dressed
Really great recovery Jacob with two tracks playing! And Boylans! You kept going… and that was very difficult from a musical perspective! Good job all!

Act 2, Scene 2
Masen and Julia, can you come down off the platform when you come in.  If I’ve told you to stay up there, I take it back.  IN ALL OF YOUR SCENES.
But as the Mudge’s, please come down and be downstage of Jaimie – we can’t see you up there.
Act 2, Scene 3
The audience enjoyed you! Great work (although you lost energy in the Cabinet end….you kind of fizzled physically...don't fizzle....dazzle)
Jewel, Gracey, and Ahnica.  On the first cabinet song you are forgetting to sing harmony (or I can’t hear it) on “tomorrow tomorrow”.  The end chord sounds great, but you are missing the earlier harmony.  Please review.
Daniel – great timing with lines prior to “Cabinet end”.

Act 2, Scene 4
Jack and Kailyn, you looked good (this is where I would rather have a different dress)
Good job
Kailyn, don’t look stressed when you shoo everyone out.  Try looking maternal…like you are kindly creating space for Warbucks to have this great talk.
Coryn, you go a little fast with your peek a boo “where was the pearl”  and  “in one little girl”….  
Act 2, Scene 5
Good work Anna, backstage with the sound cue
Jack, we are going back to the original place for Gussy her up, so that you have to hurry, because you hurry no matter where we start it J
The scene looked nice
Ralph and Shirley – please come in with Drake, and again, come down on the thrust DIRECTLY .  We don’t see you on the platform
Masen, I like the comedic feel of this – but restrain  yourself from getting too familiar with Warbucks.  You were touching him all over the place, which didn’t read right.  
You started manhandling warbucks, and that turned him into a sensei again.
So keep the comic energy, but keep your hands to yourself.  Same with Annie – don’t manhandle her too much.  You seem more sinister yet funny if you get down and talk to her – but don’t grab her.
Act 2, Scene 6
Again, the audience enjoyed themselves here.   BUT I still have notes. J
Coryn, don’t stroll away when you say “And Miss Hannigan”.  Stand there and look at Grace and or Warbucks.  You can stay on the thrust to make it easier for Lacey to get to you for that hug.
Orphans…what was going on up there?  So much mugging!  (new parents, mugging is when actors do stage business that they haven’t been asked to do, which steals focus from where the audience is supposed to be looking).
Coryn and Abagail – don’t do that hug thing you did, where you are pouty or whatever you were trying to do.
Orphans, when you come into the mansion, be subdued.  Use your faces to act – but be in awe, but don’t be goofy or rambunctious.
Then, when you went to get your dresses on, unfortunately you got even muggier.  
Why would you come in stage left, if you are supposed to be placed stage right?  Why wouldn’t you come in the side you are to stand on?
Many of you didn’t clump up by the tree
Many of you were interacting with each other rather than listening to what was going on. You are to be SMALL in this scene. If you are BIG, you steal from the story.
You need to look like sweet, kind children at this time J  You ARE sweet kind children so it shouldn’t be hard to act it.
Jack, don’t bump Jaimie away from you at the end.  You were in Sensei mode.
Orphans – you don’t clap when Warbucks grabs Hannigan, you clap when she is arrested and taken off by Ahnica.  One clap. Not two.  
Orphans, when you came down to sing….what happened to the one line on the stairs, one line just in front of the stairs, a big space, and then Reindeer?  
Speaking of Reindeer, can you wait to drop to your knees?  Till they sing, “Santa’s got brand new assistants”….
Jack and Kailyn, when you stroll around during this song, can you kind of dance.  I mean, look like you are having fun with the kids?  Be a little more animated than just going from point A to Point B…..and SMILE, both of you.
Carson, I didn’t even notice the confetti cannon (I was distracted by mugging orphans) so I appreciate that you gave your own note.
Daniel, great job Ho ho Hoing. And Merry Christmas …..I wonder if the whole cast could do “Merry Christmas?”
New Deal for Christmas
Jack – right at the beginning when you sing “we’ll get a new deal for Christmas” remember to support all your high notes so you get enough air.

Curtain Call
Well, we haven’t done it for awhile, and we lived.
Lydia Rasmussen, don’t get goofy up there….that’s a note for a lot of you, actually.
Take a real bow….it shouldn’t look like chaos.  It should look orderly and friendly.
Kailyn – join in singing once you and Jack are done bowing.  It's okay if others are singing while you are bowing (and not singing)

All that being said, you should be proud of your work up there.  Don’t let it get sloppy.  Make it better and better each time you get to do it





Doors will open by 5 for set up of refreshment, souvenirs, etc.  Kids, if you need to come early with your parents, that is all right - just get ready for the show.

We will need a few good men/and or women to try adding blacks to our projection screen. Miss Scarlet may have contacted a few of you.

Carson, and Daniel, I like your wet look hair.   
Carson, the sides of your hair need to be slicked too.
Act 1, Scene 1
Orphans, good job letting Annie sing that final Maybe.  Thank you.
Jaimie, good job of "traffic" – now just stay in the light.
We are gonna start that clip even earlier.
Tucker, where is Lacey's for her first line?  Why is Lacey’s mic so soft?
Emma, no more teddy bear, it was cute, but we are ditching it cause you can't hold it and dance.
Lacey, you didn’t do what I asked you.  Do you remember what you were supposed to do?

Act 1, Scene 2
Act 1, Scene 3
Ahnica, why do you turn upstage for your line?
Tucker, mic's need to be on prior to kids coming onstage
Act 1, Scene 4
Quinn much better
Pepper, you need to leave your doll somewhere Jaimie can get on the thrust
Abagail and Katie – don’t get any bigger….
Emma and Lacey  Thank you for being where you need to be.
THANK YOU JAIMIE – for the cough.
Thanks for reacting orphans.
Jaimie….good ramping up the panic.
Coryn, look right at Grace when you spell….MISSISSIPPI
Orphans, just do the hands back to Annie after coat.
Act 1, Scene 5
HAIR AND MAKEUP – Grace’s hair doesn’t read to the back.
Kyleigh, you  brought the chair on, but not to where it was barely on.
Kailyn, I love how excited you look when Warbucks arrives
Drake, the sides of your hair have to be wet as well.
Daniel and Levi – mainly Daniel, you don’t need to be that slow with the picture.  Don’t act like it is heavier then it is.
Thank you Kennedy
Kailyn, stand to the side of the desk cart …so you are in the light.  You are too far back.
Thank you Coryn, for taking direction so well.
Kailyn, pick up the phone and dial when Warbucks is talking to Annie….like right around when he says ‘depression’.
Kailyn, you can clap smally when he says “I have a date with a 10 year old girl”.
Transistion to NYC. – Scene 6
Jack you were out of your light
TUCKER make sure you turn on Jasmine's mic....#14
Tucker, make sure the mics are hot BEFORE an entrance.  That’s my personal pet peeve
Whoever is spotting Warbucks and Grace for the Movie, TURN IT OFF
Annie, stand there for the first two sung lines,(Grace and Warbucks) before you sit on Warbucks knee
Katie, slow down on your line….wait before you say it….
Tucker, make sure the choirs are on for Katie
Act 1, Scene 7
Kailyn, cross your ankles when you sit
Kailyn, good reaction to Molly
TUCKER – more moniter for underscoring on Easy Street
Masen, Julia, and Jaimie – Good job!!!
Pull Masen way stage right.
You don’t need to rush your lines.  Julia and Jaimie…

Act 1, Scene 8

ACT 2, Scene 1 – Radio show, go over your lines and singing and harmonies.  We're back!
Act 2, Scene 2
Masen, I loved the crowing.
Act 2, Scene 3
Thanks for coming back to life, Cabinet.
The chair should be closer to the center….opposite of Franklin
Cole, thats your new job.
Daniel’s microphone? Was?what?
Jewel  “15 Million” not “fiftimillion”   Enunciate please
Good nod at Al Capone, Cabinet.
Daniel….roll yourself forward for you “Solo for the president”
Thank you for your arms, Jewel, Gracie, and Ahnica.
Malcolm, why are you sitting on the edge of the stage.  If you are too tired to stand up, then don’t come on in that scene.
Gracey….make sure you verbally punch Chancellor Hitler.  He was important.
Jewel, nice jazz hands….Gracey and Ahnica????? where were yours?
Act 2, Scene 4
What happned with the Christmas tree?
Good job being sad, Coryn.
Act 2, Scene 5 
Cole, good being where you needed to be.
Party guests you did not use your hands…..
Act 2, Scene 6
Coryn, I like  you singing that part…..
Carson, Drake is supposed to take Annie’s coat before Eden comes in.
Carson, you and Eden, after you give the FBI letter, need to move off to the side – not in front of the tree (you block Jaimie’s blocking)
Thank you Coryn for backing up.
Good clapping orphans.


Notes from Miss Stephanie (Miss Meagan and Miss Carly's notes are below)
General Notes
Your makeup looked SO much better in the second show, where you blended it better.  Thank you.  
Please be careful to not mess with props that are set backstage, and do not just set your own props/costumes down willy nilly back there.  Somebody buried Warbuck’s ring for Grace, so the last scene was not what we wanted, as they were forced to pantomime. 
(Good job Jack and Eden and Carson)
Update on Kailyn….she is planning to come to shows on Tuesday to see blocking, and then she will try to do a show on Wednesday.  Then I will be able to determine what the plan is.  (So, if you have questions about that, please ask me….not some random orphan or each other).
A note on understudies and double casting….
There is a reason that we don’t have understudies at Cornerstone, or double cast like the high schools do.  Subjecting young people to unnecessary comparisons is just not productive.  I realize that in the high schools, you are all used to comments like “I liked Teddy better as Sandy”  and someone else says “Oh, I Brooke way better”…..and to that, I ask….”What is your point?”  Teddy and Brooke are both doing their best, and are bringing their A-Game to the part.  Obviously they do it differently and bring different skills.  
So, we don’t look to set kids up for that.  But, this session, we find ourselves in a position where circumstances have Brooke, Bethany, and Eden stepping forward to portray a part they were not prepared for, for the good of the show as a whole.  
And Kailyn, reprising a role she hasn’t had the luxury of rehearsing a ton.
*Note to self:  If you have any comparisons between Brooke and Teddy, or anyone else…..please keep them to yourself.  Instead, verbalize your sincere appreciation and compliments to all involved….lavish complements all around.  Brooke, Teddy, Bethany, Eden, and Kailyn are bringing their A-games.  Talk about your opinions in about 2 years, and not before.
Now, specific notes:
Act 1, Scene 1
Roommates – don’t throw away your lines.  Remember to use your voices.
Quinn, we can’t see that you are talking….you need to move more to pull focus to yourself.
Emma, don’t forget to rock. Great voice though.
Act 1, Scene 2
Spotlights (not sure who) you are still too slow to come up on Gracey.
You won’t need to do it for School days, but remember for Friday.
Teddy is retired.  He just got too stressed.  So Brooke is the new Sandy.
Let’s not forget a leash for him (great job Gracey, providing your scarf)
Act 1, Scene 3
Emma, don’t throw away your lines.  Your body movements got really small and you were sounding like a teenage girl. Remember to use vocal inflections.
Coryn and Jewel, good job remembering your blocking.
Great job waiting for the sound effect Lydia.
Ahnica, turn out when you give you “lousy copper” line.  You are delivering it upstage and we can’t hear you.
Evan you fade out too soon on this scene.  Don’t fade till after Lt. Ward says “clear out ya bums!”
Spotlights, you were off…why?  It went totally dark there, and it shouldn’t have.
Good job Riley Jane, getting on the platform.
And again….
Hooverville, you have a ton of time to get off.  Can we maybe try exiting slower (Evan, keep the lights on)…..or what I’d really like to block today is you running around and THEN going off.
Matthew and Coryn, you can go a bit slower on those lines.  We didn’t hear them 
Act 1, Scene 4
Quinn, your line mentions a yellow pillow – why are you not saying it?
Crew, you can set those pieces as soon as Matthew and Coryn come off, with the Hooverville projection still up there.
Crew, use the ramps to set pieces, please, even the ones you can carry.
Eden … it is “ Winchell….singular
Orphans, way better job on the Reprise running and removing of sets
Act 1, Scene 5
Kyleigh and Emily, will you please take the chairs ON and OFF?   Katie, you are off chair duty, because it is confusing.  So Kyleigh and Emily……don’t forget
McKenna – You need some side rolls on your hair…not just a bang bump.  
Coryn…good use of your face – I don’t know where, but I wrote it down.
Julie, you forgot to take the tray
Kennedy, thank you for getting the tray  
Transistion to NYC. – Scene 6
Backstage – good job taking off the coatrack.
Wait till the high tempo part of NYC to take off the pillars
Carson, when you come off, please push the desk off.  
Annie, Grace, and Warbucks – I want to block you to the stairs, so that everyone else can walk on the thrust and they won’t block you.  
Eden, let’s go over the choreography for that little piece.  I realize I’ve never even walked you through it… sorry!!!!  I think you have it all right – there is just one place that needs a jump .
In all three show, you guys were late to come in on “NYC” in one particular place – mid song.   What’s up with that?  Review the track, please.
Chloe, can you walk Brooke (you still walk brooke, even though she is Sandy) across the downstage thrust?
Annie, Grace, and Warbucks, ….I have made the ending clip a little shorter.  Just so you know.
Act 1, Scene 7
Orphans….good job with setting the stage.  Don’t get sloppy and forget.
Spotlights (Logan) you need to use your spot to track Teddy.  It would come on, aiming at stage right, AFTER Warbucks and Grace and Annie have left, in the dark, Stage Left.
I want to use a different track for Easy Street.  If we have time to listen to it (actually, I’ll send it to you).  Our new program can slow down the dialogue part,  
Masen, Julia, and Jaimie, can you EACH take one piece off after Easy Street?
Jaimie and Julia, a chair
Masen, the radio?

Act 1, Scene 7
Warbucks, you are not stopping (walking) at the end of your phrases on the platform.  Please try to.  It is more impactful.
ACT 2, Scene 1 – Cut for Schooldays
Crew, thank you for using the ramps.
Act 2, Scene 2
Good work all 
For Schooldays we start act 2 with orphans onstage, and Jaimie saying “Do I hear happiness in here?”
Masen, Julia, and Jaimie – we need to jazz up or speed up the reprise dancing
Act 2, Scene 3
This looked pretty good
Ahnica, thank you for using your hands for an ending pose.
Gracey and Jewel need to do the same.
And then let’s all do jazz hands at the end of the scene…..after your harmony.
Daniel, you were great on Saturday night.  Thank you.
Coryn, you DON’T GO TO JEWEL in the Cabinet.  Go only to Levy, and maybe to Cole, too.
Act 2, Scene 4
Act 2, Scene 5 
Masen, I want you to use another hat.  I found the black one.  We just can’t see you and you forget to take it off, so we are done with the Cowboy hat.
Act 2, Scene 6
Good job Carson and Jack – 
Jack you will probably never forget to preset your suit.
Try just coming out with your bowtie in your hand and your collar flipped up.
Carson will take it from there.
Again, please don’t bury Carson’s props…whoever that was.

Dance notes from Miss Meagan and Miss Carly,

Hard Knock Life  - Good job remembering to do your levels!
Orphans on benches, again please remember to sit on your bench on the final beat

Hard knock life reprise - more levels please!
Hooverville - Better expressions today
Good job sticking the "come and get it herb"!!

I think im gonna like it here
Ladies doing the lift, make sure your doing it at the same time
Gentlemen keep your eyes up and be confident on the dance steps near the end 

Easy street
Saturday night had better energy and commitment.

You wont be an orphan for long
On the ups and downs go opposite to the person beside you. 
Ladies make sure skirts are going the same way. 

Never full dressed
Everything up to the dance break choreography needs to be bigger. 
Miss Meagan & Miss Carly gave you actions and movement there so make sure to use them :)
Canon poses need to be sharp at beginning of dance break
Make sure the first step of the train step goes forward first.
Orphans stage left the step togethers need to start with the right foot (3 facing side 1 facing front) repeat facing other side but still start with right foot
Orphans on stage left your out of time with the kickline. Remember its together kick, not kick together

School Day Cuts: School days can't be longer that 105 minutes
So...9:30 to 11:15
12:30 to 2:15 is the max
Act 1
CUT Overture
KEEP Orphanage (Maybe, Hard Knock Life, CUT Hard Knock Life Reprise)....

So, we go to a black out when Hannigan chases after Bundles....and then we go straight to Hooverville CUT Act 1, Scene 2 cut the Tomorrow Scene (Tomorrow) 
KEEP Act 1, Scene 3 – Hooverville
KEEP Act 1, Scene 4 – the Orphanage
KEEP Act 1, Scene 5 – The Mansion
KEEP Act 1, Scene 6 – NYC
KEEP Act 1, Scene 7 – the Orphanage (and Easy Street)
KEEP Act 1, Scene 8 – You Won’t Be An Orphan for Long

Act 2
CUT Entre-Acte
CUT Radio Show and Orphan Never Fully Dressed – we will start from Hannigan saying, “Do I hear Happiness in Here?” with Orphans onstage
KEEP Scene 3 – President’s Cabinet
KEEP Scene 4 – Back to the Mansion
KEEP Scene 5 – 
KEEP Scene 6


You need to NOT put makeup on, where your mic goes.  The tape won’t hold if you have your makeup on there.

Good job Tucker with the reset Board.  Parkland spent a couple hours out there resetting it – I know that made some things better but some things different, and that’s tough on Opening Night. Remember to try to balance the levels when there are a bunch of mics out there.  Balance it to the lowest level.  Miss Laurette will help with that today, as she is at the booth

Cast, we need to set moniter levels today.  We’ll do it for a big number and then a small one like Easy street, and then the Stand and Sings.

Today, between shows, is when you can have 15 minutes to take pictures of each other (parents, you can take pictures of your kids).  We have to wait until the HOUSE clears out before we start, (so parents, if you can please get your guests to go loiter in the lobby, not the house) and we cannot be on the platforms or the stage (royalty restrictions).  But you can pose and have fun, and as long as you aren't doing anything inappropriate, you can post to social media....IF you tag Cornerstone.)
CAN ACT 1 HEADMIC WEARERS COME BY 1:15 – That gives time for your makeup.
Act 1, Scene 1
Bella – I won’t change that cue for you – but if we change it together we can combine the projections and music clip
Coryn, where was your sweater?

Maybe  Coryn - you are still flat on some of your top notes. Think of singing over top of the note and use breath support
Orphans - try to sing a little bit quieter on your beautifully sung descant
Jamie - watch your yelling into the mic
Hard knock life - 'oh' harmony was much better tonight
Hard knock reprise Lacey - great job on 'yes it is'

Act 1, Scene 2
Spotlights (not sure who) need to come on right after the bucket comes down.  Gracey had to wait up there too long.
Good job Emily with your line
Coryn, great job with your stand and sing.  Remember, you can get standing when Matthew is talking to you…after Teddy has come to you and you’ve given him a treat and a hug
Act 1, Scene 3
There is going to be a sound effect, Lydia, of police sirens.  Wait till they start to yell about the cops…..
Matt, wait till the sirens start to run through.
Emma, good job with moving and talking….you can be even bigger.
Riley Jane, can you NOT go in line, and instead go up on the platform on stage left, so you can use the choir mics?
Chloe and Kaitlyn – good job being loud
Your dance lacked a little energy.  Like, you weren't dancing to then ends of your arms and legs.
Masen and Julia - good timing on the kiss and lift. (Good chemistry all night)

Hooverville- more energy in your vocals
Hooverville, you have a ton of time to get off.  Can we maybe try exiting slower…..or what I’d really like to block today is you running around and THEN going off.
Matthew and Coryn, you can go a bit slower on those lines.  We didn’t hear them 
Act 1, Scene 4
Backstage – no rolling chair please.
The reinforced red chair should come out as it is.
The other chair should have the yellow pillow on it.
Orphans, you slowed up the scene change by being too far forward.
you cannot come forward from the rail until the set pieces are out
Crew will set them earlier. 
Crew, you can set those pieces as soon as Matthew and Coryn come off, with the Hooverville projection still up there.
Crew, use the ramps to set pieces, please, even the ones you can carry.
Eden … it is “ I don’t read Mr. Winchell”  not Winchells
Orphans, why were you so late for Little Girls Reprise?

Little girls
Abagail and Chloe - awesome job vocalizing !!
Jamie - wait till the police officer goes through the door before you throw Annie on the ground

Act 1, Scene 5
McKenna – you need to work more on your hair.  It needs to be AT LEAST as fancy as the other Boylans.  You are IN COSMETOLOGY for pity’s sake.
Coryn…good use of your face – I don’t know where, but I wrote it down.
Eden, there is a notebook there and pen for you.  If they are not on the desk, they are IN the desk.

I think I'm gonna like it here - you've never had a little girl before, be more excited about it
Kennedy, can you put the tray on TOP of the desk?  And Julie Gosling, will you please take it off with you when you go?
When the cast is dismissed, whoever brought the chairs on, needs to take them off
Before the……
Transistion to NYC. – Scene 6
Backstage, come take out the COATRACK after Carson has taken the coats and goes down into the light.
Carson, when you come off, please push the desk off.  
Carson, don’t put your arms through your coat.  Just wear it AS a cloak
Cast why were you so late coing for NYC
Act 1, Scene 7
Orphans….Set the stage using the platforms.  I mean with the chairs.  Come out later.
Orphans, don’t come and set the stage so soon, wait till the projection isn’t NYC at night.  We are trying to get Teddy to walk across the stage, and you can’t be out there.
Spotlights (Logan) you need to use your spot to track Teddy.  It would come on, aiming at stage right, AFTER Warbucks and Grace and Annie have left, in the dark, Stage Left.
Masen, don’t take Jaimie’s flask
Julia, where were your pearls?
Julia – good response to “Who was the blondie?”
Masen, Julia, and Jaimie, can you EACH take one piece off after Easy Street? By the way, the audience WANTS TO LOVE Easy Street.  The bigger you make it (it needs to build) they will continue to increase in their reactions.  If you fade off in Energy, so will the audience.

Julia - try to strut when you walk (or move with purpose)
Masen - you found some really good moments to play with you character
- great energy and vocals

Act 1, Scene 7
Annie should have bobby socks when she comes for the Serious Discussion
Coryn, you don’t have to mimic Warbucks arms….just walk close to him, and be absorbed in what he is saying. Annie is trying very hard to fit in so she can stay at the Orphanage

You won't be an orphan for longServers - react more when you're not singing
- great harmonies!!!

I agree Servers.  Some of you were NOT focused on encouraging Annie, you were just singing.
 Coryn -  can you hold your maybe just a little bit longer at the end of act 1?
Evan, great job on lights, for the whole show.
ACT 2, Scene 1
Crew, you were running across the projections again.  USE THE RAMPS
Backstage – the Oxidant sign comes out AFTER the Orphans,.  It is dead last
Julie Gosling looks beautiful!

Never fully dressed
Jacob - match the enthusiasm in your voice with you actions

Daniel, don’t pick up the pages anymore.  It doesn’t look right.
Radio cast, you are not dropping the pages very dramatically – let’s do this again
Good job Cole with your tap
Levi, you blocked Cole when he taps….you and Daniel need to make a big deal of him.  Get farther away from him and use your outstretched arms to emphasize him.
I am wondering if we should take the chairs away from the Boylans.
And 3 out of 4 boas are done – let’s please use them.
Boyalns, no choreo when there is no music….
Act 2, Scene 2
Good job orphans….I feel like you were standing VERY still until your choreo?

Never fully dressed (orphans) - don't let your faces drop once you're done!
Great job Chloe and whoever else that was, coming back for the microphones!
Masen and Julila, 
Act 2, Scene 3
Why does Malcolm have no socks?  
Caeden, why aren’t you on the platform….you need to be up there all the time, so we can get a good sound level.
So today, Caeden and Malcolm on the level, and Ahnica, you go up there when you have a sign.  You were very VERY quiet up there Ahnica.
Jewel, you and Ahnica were both pretty passive when you talked.  I didn’t know who was talking.  
Gracy, Levi, and Caeden – I could see you guys.  Good moves. You can be bigger.
Tomorrow reprise #1 and #2
- you guys know the harmonies and are singing them wonderfully, so sing louder!

Cabinet, you’d stop pacing when Annie comes in….pay attention to your guests
Coryn…Annie would sit nicely in the cabinet.  Cross you ankles.  You were sprawled on the steps like you were at a ballgame.
Nobody BUT Levi looked at Warbucks…for the Al capone line.  If you did, it was massively small
Daniel don’t push Annie forward so hard…..It’s more like a gesture
Coryn, you don’t go to Jewel EVER in the Cabinet.  Go only to Levy, and maybe to Cole, too.
CABINET…you need to keep looking at your mics when you talk…
Miss Meghan is going to help the Cabinet with some movement during the big Finale
Act 2, Scene 4,
The Christmas tree should have a tree skirt.  Miss Tari is going to bring one in.

Act 2, Scene 5
Anna, you made the sound too soon for Grace’s accident.

I don't need anything but you
Jack and Coryn - your harmony was awesome
Chorus harmony - a little uncertainty

Act 2, Scene 6
Orphans, good job with your rainbow dresses.
Orphans who are standing, stage left, during the song.  You are blocking the president.  Can you please stand back behind him, and not beside?
Carson, great timing with the Cannon.
New deal

Curtain call was kind of a schmoz, but actually pretty good.
Coryn, if Teddy is scared to come out (because of the cannon) just leave him offstage.  No biggy.  He won’t mind.
CALL TIME IS 2PM.  So 2PM in the auditorium for Power Squeeze. 
Again, we need to let the house in early.
House will open by 2:40 


Doors will open tonight at 4:30 for set up for front of house committees.  
CALL TIME IS 6PM for cast and crew.  Power Squeeze in the house at 6PM

EXCEPTIONS:  We'd love to have the Roommates and Coryn and Jaimie, Jack, Eden, Julia, and Masen there as close to 5:00 PM  as possible, to run mic checks and go over Act 1 Scene 1.

Brief notes from Miss Stephanie - you should be so proud of the show you have put together this week - both onstage and off.  It was great to see Kailyn there last night - I barely had time to say hi....but it was so good to see her.  She'll be there tonight to see you all and to watch the blocking.

Bella, Tucker, Evan, Logan, and Ayva - great job with equipment last minute!

Notes from Miss Laurette

1.Hard Knock Life. Orphans, you were super energetic all the way through – and so fun to watch. Thank you!  And good harmonies too! 

2.Little Girls. Good job with the vamp and timing Jaimie.

3.Easy Street. Great characters! Thank you! Julia, please review your harmonies before call time tomorrow. All three of you – let’s review as a group again before show time tomorrow. 

4.Never Fully Dressed. Orphans you are so fun to watch in this number!  And man is your dance awesome! Good job girls!  Please remember to smile and have fun too! Many of you are doing this – some of you forget and get rather serious faces in some moments. Remember although you are concentrating really hard as little actresses, the audience needs to see a really fun party and you faces help them! Keep the energy going ALL the way to the end! 

5.Cabinet Tomorrow. You know the notes.  Please look CONFIDENT at the end. 

6.Curtain call.  Harmony people you have learned it so well others are starting to follow you at the end.  Melody singers – sing melody! 
Melody singers are:  Grace, Warbucks, Annie, Drake, all of Hooverville, male servants, Emily, Julie Gosling, and Katie Craig.

Remember families, you CAN sell your tickets to friends on facebook or whatever - but you cannot sell them at the facility at shows. We can't be competing with our own box office :)


Act 1

Annie - you're flat on your top notes
Orphans - descant sounds really good

Hard knock life
Named orphans - "oh" singing the wrong notes

Hard knock reprise
Orphans - more acting
Lacey - still a little messy on "yes it is" but better

Emily - be bigger with your line "nabbed this dog out back..."

Coryn - I wanna work with you on "come what may"
Coryn - great ending

Jewel - line about the chickens needs to be stronger
Julia - you can play your character in this scene too

Little girls
Actors - where were the lines before the lines?
Abagail and Chloe - there needs to be noise when Jamie says "shut up" while fighting
Jamie - "someday I'll step on their freckles" more psychotic. Find you lines where you're mad and find the lines you're feeling nutty/crazy

Little girls reprise
Jamie - I'm gonna help you with the ending

I think I'm gonna like it here
Actors - great harmony

Jack - you're flat on your "NYC"
Jack - don't crescendo into all your notes!!!
Chorus - watch your timing still on the pausing NYC

Eden - be more disgusted going back into your line when Lacey kills the lice "sent back to..."

Julia - much better "I'm named after the hotel"

Easy street
Julia - feel Masen muscles
Julia - stick your butt out and give it a "pop" somewhere in this song
Julia - better on the kick line
Julia - pick a different pose every time when leaning on Masen

You won't be an orphan for long
Chorus - more energy

Act 2

Julie - smoke your cigarette more or it looks like a pen for people who haven't seen you smoke it

Never fully dressed
Boylan sisters - great first harmony
Jacob - don't hesitate on your first note (hold it if you come in early)

Fully dressed orphans
Chloe - great job not chewing you words
Orphans - DONT LOSE YOUR ENERGY ONCE THE SONG ENDS (Emma I saw you stop smiling right away)
Orphans - don't forget to take your mics off stage (Chloe and Lydia ??)

Julia - stick your butt out to the side
Julia - you find it funny when he says "and roosters"
Julia - love the "yeah"
Julia - give me more in this scene girl!

Easy street reprise
Julia - I want you to use some of Jamie's moves she does

Tomorrow reprise #1
Chorus - good job

Tomorrow reprise #2
Chorus - you are hitting the right notes and it sounds beautiful !!! BE CONFIDENT ABOUT IT

Something is missing
Jack - watch your crescendos again
Jack - give me more power behind your vocals in this song because you sing it so well

Carson - getting spifed move was awesome

Gussie her up
Chorus - GREAT HARMONY sing it louder

I don't need anything but you
Annie - sing all your songs like you sing in this song
Chorus - fix that harmony please

Julia - great energy in the scene where you pretend to be Annie's parents, you can still give more but use that energy in other scenes

Masen - really good in this scene

Julia - do vocal inflections (example: "ah come off it Aggie")

Maybe reprise
Annie - you go flat in some spots, watch that

New deal
Chorus - good job everyone. More energy

Notes from Monday, November 5

CURATOR COMMITTEE:  Just a friendly reminder to families to drop off your donated items for the Opportunity Baskets. We already have some great stuff and a couple baskets completed but we need more! Alma M. will be at the kids sign-in table every evening during dress rehearsal week at about 8:30 so you can bring your items when you come pick up your kids.
Need ideas? - things you might want to regift from home (has to fit into a basket), movie theme, date nights, outdoor fun, gift cards, home decor,games nights, fun stuff for the kids, and anything else you might like to receive yourself.

GREENROOM:  Emphasis for the kids this week is to stay focused and get their pre-show work done.  Right after notes tonight, everyone gets show ready.  Remember to bring something NON-ELECTRONIC to keep you from boredom...there is a lot of downtime.  Books are a great thing.  
There IS a homework room for those of you who need it.  Please check with Greenroom before you go in (and don't chat in there)

MAKEUP:  Makeup and hair need to be done at your bins, unless you are personally invited over by the Makeup Committee.  The makeup area is not a makeup station because the light is better, or you have more room, or whatever.  Do not be there unless invited or sent by the Artistic Team or Staff.

PROPS:  Thank you to those who brought blankets.
Can we make the microphones about 8 inches shorter?
Can we ask sets if they can get us matching letters for the Applause sign.  
Also, we need to put Christmas ribbon on the Christmas gifts.

TECH:  Miss Stephanie has changed the Mic Plot because of blocking.  Radio cast (Boylans, Levi, and Daniel) you do not need mics because we have the choirs where you will be blocked.  Same with the Cabinet.  Fewer people need mics in that scene. 
We liked the toupee tape  - we are going to use less of it though - not big long strips.  We are going to cut BUTTONS of it.

COSTUMES - We are now missing one black/white boa.  WE NEED IT BACK, please check your bins
Costume committee - things are looking great.

BACKSTAGE:  Lots of notes below about what backstage does and what cast does in this show. 


Before I get into notes:
Please know that the Matinee on the first weekend is sold out.  Please do not encourage your friends and family to try to get tickets at the door for that show.  Thank you (and thank you for selling the show!)

Does anyone have a kennel for a medium large dog to borrow?

Cast, please give crew encouragment.  They are learning a show in just a few days - so be thoughtful and get out of their way.  Cast, be attentive to stay back and out of the way.

General Notes for BACKSTAGE CREW - great work
TECH CREW - Great job for a MONDAY.  Ayva and Logan - I know it was mind numbingly boring up there - but you did a great job.   Evan, let's get those cues fixed and we need much brighter lights.  All the time.  This is not an affect show - so we just need daylight lights for most scenes, and way more instruments used.  Bella, I will have your script tonight if it kells me.  Tucker, good job with the microphones.  Tucker, the mic plot is way different 
ALL OF YOU - Ayva and Logan did a great job of staying where they were supposed to.  The rest of tech - stay at your station.  PERIOD.  
Audrey - tonight we will get to the quick change part, which is where we need you to come backstage.  It is in Act 2, scene 6 or 7

Act 1, Scene 1 - Orphanage
Crew:  Good work with all those benches, orphans.   Some of you on the benches might be moved because of blocking or energy or just the general picture.  It's not personal.  Brynlee, you are on the bench when you first come out, but for the reprise you are not, so that someone taller can carry it off.
Orphans, if you do not have a set piece, then exit (both sides) down the stairs and into the catacombs.  If you have a set piece, go backstage.
If you are on a bench in the reprise, you need to take the bench offstage.  
BACKSTAGE - no door or radio or desk in this scene.  Just the benches and laundry hamper set in the Overture.

Costumes - I liked Caedan's blue outfit.  Can we get him a hat?

Act 1, Scene 2 - the Street
Great job Gracey.
Jill, we need to start working Teddy tonight from his kennel. Like it's a real show.  
Emily, we will have a more docile dog for you.  I think we can take a longer walk (you and Lt. Ward) so that we get you by the choir mics.

Act 1, Scene 3 - Hooverville
Cast is setting and striking this scene.
Hooverville, Remember to let the kids with set pieces on the stage first - Masen, Jacob, 
Remember to get your cups and or newspapers
Great job reblocking your dance 
Servants - great job bringing on the garbage cans and taking them off.  It looked good.
We need to assign who is bringing off the burn barrel and the benches.
If you are removing a set piece, exit backstage (Servants, all exit backstage)
If you are a fleeing Hooverville Citizen, exit down the stairs and through the catacombs.
Backstage, you are setting the Orphanage office, so get ready!

Act 1, Scene 4 - the Orphanage Office
Backstage will be setting this scene - cast is striking it.
Orphans, DO NOT LEAVE THE RAILING UNTIL THE MUSIC CHANGE, and then it should be clear for you to run in.  Run is the key word here.  
Remember your blocking (you all know that I forget it all the time, but I am old)
Props - can we get a zipping attache case for Grace
Jaimie - great job.  Tonight you should have the rolling chair.  I want you to use your own hair.  No wigs in this show unless we have to.
Girls who remove the set pieces - great job doing that in character during the chaos scene.  There will be a rolling chair to remove....maybe one of you can ride it.

Act 1, Scene 5 - the Mansion
Cast is setting this scene
The cast on stage right can start setting pieces earlier than stage left.  So that means the desk, chairs(do both from that side)
We don't need the small bench in that scene.  
The only thing coming from the left should be that pillar, which comes out after the orphans have all run off.
Caeden and Daniel and Levi,  I need you to come back onstage, once Warbucks gets up from his desk (just before NYC) and remove the desk and desk chair.

Act 1, Scene 6 - NYC
Hahaha - you actually did okay cast.  Tonight we will do shapes for real.  I think you are not getting the concept.
I would love to have Teddy cross the stage with a spotlight on him, during the general blackout.  if he could come from stage right to stage left, he will look like he is following Annie. 

Act 1, Scene 7 - 
The same girls who hauled off the orphanage furniture, get to roll it back on.  You do that  in the blackout with the help of backstage crew
That's the desk, the chairs, the radio, 
At the end of this scene, Backstage will clear the scene.

Act 1, Scene 8 - the mansion
So, backstage will be clearing the previous scene off stage left, so can you (Servants) please reset the scene from Stage right.
Servants, remember you are singing to Annie to cheer her up.  It is super obvious when your gaze wanders.

Act 2, Scene 1 - the Radio show.
Boylans, you are on the platform stage right.  No head mics.
Levi and Cole and Daniel - you are on the platform stage left - no head mics.
Julia, you can now move more between those three areas.   
Healy, stay on the thrust with more room for Grace, Warbucks, Annie, and you.

Boylans, good job kissing Bert and getting your chairs off.
Radio cast, you all exit down the side stairs and into the catacombs.  We don't use them often, but we do here.
Backstage, when the orphans come down to the thrust, that is when you come out to get the sign off.
Levi and Cole, you need to remove the table, too.

Act 2, Scene 2 - the Orphanage
We need to preset the radio, and the desk, and the rolling chair up by the orphans.
Then, when the orphan piece starts, the orphans roll down the chair, the desk, and the radio can stay up on the carpet
After the orphans come down to sing, backstage needs to roll out the Orphanage Door
At the end of the scene, backstage needs to strike all the pieces
Orphans with solos, check the mic plot.

Act 2, Scene 3 - the President's Cabinet
Cabinet, all of you need to bring on your own chairs
Matthew, you can bring on the flagpole
Daniel, you need to carry on your wheelchair, set it, and then sit in it and get ready.
Everyone strikes what they bring on.   

Act 2, Scene 4 - the Mansion.
(no desk)
Annette and Cecille - don't forget your props - large stack of files.
Caeden and Levi, I want you to bring on the Christmas Tree.  It rolls and it goes Center Stage.
You two can bring on the bench to sit on
Backstage, you need to bring on the pillars

Act 2, Scene 5 - the Mansion 
Party guests, you come in with either a champagne glass or a gift or both.  Place your gifts on the carpet, under the tree
Daniel and Ahnica, remember to roll in and Daniel, deliver you line as soon as you are in light.  You have lots of time to get downstage in your chair. not enter until the servants have started to SING Gussie her up, Gussier her up....
Everyone on stage right, stay off the ramps as you go, so Ahnica can push Daniel down safely.
Guests, you enter from backstage - you exit down the stairs into the catacombs.  You totally exit, and go back to the Greenroom, because when you come back in for the BONG BONG BONG BONG part in the next scene, you enter from backstage again.

Act 2, Scene 6
Hmmm.  no notes for here, yet. :0)

See you at 4PM.  Let's meet in the lobby for notes, because tech will be working in the house.


Notes from Sunday, November 4

Thanks to all the parents who helped at move-in.  Committees were so sharp - everyone moved a lot of stuff and yet we were onstage reblocking stuff in no time.

Not a lot of notes for tonight (that will change).  Tomorrow, cast and crew need to be in their seats in the house by 4 for notes.  Parents, you can't come into the house without a rehearsal pass.  

Miss Scarlet will be opening the facility at about 3:45 or 3:50.  See you at 4

Makeup and Hair for Sunday please .   (The break was for Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 
The cast has been asked to come in with their bins, and set them up around the perifery of the lobby, like it is a green room.  So they bring their bin in and they sit down on it, quietly.  The costume committee  will start their day with the costume parade, in the lobby.  

Now, the Spanish Church comes in for a service at three, so we need to leave room for them, and then of course be quiet in the lobby while they have their service.

Most Important:  Prayer Request....please remember the following kids in prayer over the next few days...
Generally - the many kids who are out with the flu - lots of high fevers, dizziness, and weakness out there.
Specifically - Emily Parker and Kailyn Hall
Emily has just had an emergency surgery - I am not sure of the details, I believe it was an appendectomy
Kailyn has a concussion and is on bedrest.
Please pray for wisdom and discernment for their physicians and for good recovery's for them all

** We talked with the cast today and asked them to stay away from (not hug or rush up to) both Kailyn and Emily when the girls come back to rehearsal, as jostling them could be painful or harmful.  We all just need to give them some space.

MOVE IN SCHEDULE FOR NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP  - who, what, and where!  Check the schedule.  Also, don't forget to set your clocks back!....We will not open the doors (back doors please) before 1:50. 


For the rest of this weekend (Friday Saturday)- no make up / no hair.  Just rehearsal.
Also, on Saturday, cast members can roll in with pajamas on - they need to be able to dance in them - and they need to be modest - but they can be pj's.

Lots of flu going around - get lots of rest and sleep.  

PROCESSING IN USD - Nope, it'll be CAD - even if the site sometimes says USD.  We can't change the site, but we DO only use to process, and it's all in CAD funds.

MOVE IN SCHEDULE FOR NEW LIFE FELLOWSHIP  - who, what, and where!  Check the schedule.  Also, don't forget to set your clocks back!

Clarification about shoes for Orphans.  We are looking for USED shoes, not new ones.

MIC PLOT for the Show

Greenroom bins are IN - please don't pick them up until the END of rehearsal on Thursday, so we can get them labelled.

Parent passes are made and ready for pick up.  White ones are non-transferrable;  Yellow are transferable.
Please pick them up at the end of rehearsal, as well.

Our Coordinators manage the paperwork and schedules and all the details for Cornerstone Classes on Thursday afternoons.  They keep the
students and teachers organized!  
When you have questions,
they have the answers!


Please note that your Cornestone Coordinators are employed
outside of Cornerstone, and as such, will be able to return emails and answer questions when they are not working at their other employment.  Please be patient and recognize
that most questions are not emergencies...



How to Book Your free ticket to
this session's PRODUCTION


(Like Playbill Ads,
Discount Ticket Packs, Parent Passes, Makeup Kits,
Strike Party Pizza, etc)

**If you have trouble ordering,
please email us at

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    Crew Training for Backstage and Tech is at 11am on Saturday, Oct 27. If your parent is attending the parent meeting then you are welcome to come at 9am to watch rehearsal. 

    Crew parents: You are invited and encouraged to attend the parent meeting Oct 27th at 9am. There is important information about rehearsal week that we will be going over then. 

    Front of House Backstage and Tech Makeup Props Costumes
    Ella Nyuli
    Dominyk Lamontagne
    Manuel Ibrahim
    Allan Tayler
    Kristyn Hyink
    Nathan McKain
    Isaiah Tayler
    Anna Stober
    Ava Rempel
    Backstage Boss: True Baker
    Spot: Logan Hill
    Spot: Ayva Smith
    Lights: Evan Lagrange
    Sound: Bella Filiatrault
    Mic Levels: Tucker Boettcher
    Stephanie Brandt
    Tanner Duduman
    Emmalee Fraser
    Skylar Matheson
    Audrey Shaw-Edwards



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