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Discounted Seats - Seats for Educators and Students
Minimum 15 seat booking

(recommended ratio 1 adult per 15 students)

School Day Performances  - Wed. June 22
9:30 AM or 12:30 PM

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What if the magic of Grimm’s fairytales fell into the wrong hands and all the stories were rewritten? What if the happy endings to these stories were in danger, and it was up to one little red-cloaked girl to assemble a group to help defeat four evil villains and make it all right again? And what if that little girl’s story was being written in front of your very eyes as she not only works to save the town of Happily Ever After, but also to discover who she is and what she’s capable of in the process? 

"Grimm" takes everything you thought you knew about your favorite fairytales and turns it upside-side down. With the magic-stealers on the loose, working hard to rewrite the endings to such timeless stories, you’ll find a Cinderella who can’t dance, a Big, Bad Wolf who doesn’t eat meat, a Rapunzel who can’t carry a tune, not to mention a trio of “Prince Charmings” who are anything but. These characters, along with so many others, will spring to life in a way you’ve never seen before.


2022 Season School Day Prices
$ $3 per ticket, minimum 15 seats purchased (minimum $45 order)
Price increase on the horizon - book your whole season now for $3 a seat.

Note for homeschool support groups:
Our recommended ratio for school days is 14 students per 1 adult. We recognize that this is not always possible with a homeschool group - but please note that our School Day seating size is gauged for children.  Children and babies must all have tickets to allow adequate seating and vision for all.  Strollers, carseats, booster seats are not allowable.
Enrich your field trip learning experience with
Cornerstone Youth Theatre.

Students think it's all about the excitement of a trip to the theatre, but we know that exposing school children to the arts increases the effectiveness of classroom teaching. Studies indicate a strong link between arts programs in school and student achievement, including critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills.

We understand the extra effort that teachers make to enrich their students' lives, both inside and outside of the classroom. We strive to make the Cornerstone Youth Theatre experience fun and entertaining for the children, and easy, organized, and stress-free for you.

Here is how:
Reserve seats at the show - a dramatic exposure to literature
Bring your students to the performance, for a live theater performance that will bring the stories to life

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