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Tuition - 2 hr Little Rascals (ages 6-7) - $210
Tuition - Core Classes & Specialty Classes  (ages 8-18) - $235
$25 Early Registration Discount for all students who register and

PAY IN FULL before the Deadline of two weeks before class starts!

Registration for Winter 2020 (January) classes opens Nov. 2019
begin January 9, 2020
Thursdays from 4:30 - 6:30
#2 McVicar Street, South Red Deer
(First Church of the Nazarene)

Here are a few things to be aware of:
1.)  Classes listed with a * have prerequisites.  Please read the class description for details before registering.

2.)  We have taken big strides towards further developing our 100-level classes so as to really lay a solid educational foundation for 200-level classes and beyond. If you have a question as to whether you meet the prerequisites for a class you’d like to take, please email the Cornerstone Artistic Director:  Stephanie Orr at

3.) Remember to list your second choice of class!

4.) There is a $25 drop fee.  Pro-rated refunds until week 2 of class.  No refunds after the second week.

5.) Attendance in your Cornerstone Class is a prerequisite for show participation.  If you miss more than 2 classes, your show role may be affected.

6.) Students need to achieve benchmarks and attend and participate in class to pass through Foundation Classes and Specialty Classes.

Families - there is a mandatory information meeting on the first day of class for your student and an accompanying adult.    Meeting is from 4:30 to approx. 5:30 - Students are dismissed to class at about 5....adults remain for a friendly Q&A.  

  1. Little Rascals   LR99   (ages 6-7)  

Teacher: Alison Snow  
Let your imagination take flight into the world of theater through song, music and dance. The fun never stops in "Little Rascals" and includes theater basics while learning the foundations of performing in a safe, encouraging environment. We also take time for fun with games and crafts. Let your child take the spotlight!
This age group is not eligible to audition for the session production.

2. Foundations of Drama   D100  (ages 8-18)    
Become a character from head to toe. Explore the building blocks of acting through creative movement, story enactment, theater games, imagination journeys and more! You'll be able to use your whole body, voice, and facial expressions to portray everything from a swashbuckling pirate to a oompa loompa. Create your character from scratch and perform in scenes like Chronicles of Narnia, Treasure Island,  Alice in Wonderland, and more.
*Students are exempt from this class upon verification of Drama 10 credit

3. Foundations of Voice V100  (ages 8-18)
Teacher:  Anne McLaren    
This dynamic beginning voice class will cover all elements of good singing techniques. Students will receive training in how to use their voices correctly and how to have a confident audition. Emphasis will be placed on proper breathing and support. This important class is for everyone who has ever wanted to sing correctly and well!
*Students are exempt from this class upon verification of 6 months of private vocal instruction

4. Foundations of Dance Movement   M100  (ages 8-18)   
Teacher: Aubrey Davies-Epp      
5, 6, 7, 8! It's time to get up and dance! Step up to all the basic techniques that will prepare you to take on any form of dance. Beyond the standard ballet positions you'll learn how to chasse, channe, pirouette, kick, leap, and more. Whether you want to learn Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, or Ballroom, this class will give you the foundation you’ll need to succeed. 
*Students are exempt from this class upon verification of 6 months of private dance lessons

5 .   Glamour, Glitz, and Gore Makeup.  S125 (ages 8-18).  Prerequisites:  ANY ONE FOUNDATION COURSE
Teacher: Ryn Kneivel
This class requires a Ben Nye Theatrical Makeup Kit.
Create a masterpiece using an actor’s face as a canvas! Grab your makeup kit and brush to produce basic stage makeup as well as specialty features like old age, facial hair, and dirty face. Stretch your creative even further when you learn how to make a person look like an animal.

6. Newsies! Musical Theatre  S280 (ages 8-18) Prerequisites:  ANY TWO FOUNDATION COURSES.

Teacher:   Jeannette Manser
Assistant:  Jaimie Marchuk

Let your creativity take flight through dance, drama and singing. Jump into the magical world of musical theater by exploring dance choreography, vocal technique and how to portray a character. Become a triple threat through warm-ups, group activities, theater games and performance. By the end of class, you’ll be ready to take center stage and shine as one of the show-stoppers in the showcase, which will feature work from the Broadway Musical Newsies!

7.  Disney Spectacular Tour Group.  S304 (ages 13-18). *This is a Class you must Audition to get in to.
Teacher: Laurette Woodward  
Assistant:  Kennedy Halwa
You must enroll in an alternate class before you can audition for this class.  
CORNERSTONE'S Disney Spectacular has been a very successful touring performance in the Central Alberta Community.   In the past, HYPE students have been the students who carried the Tour Group, but Cornerstone would like to open the opportunity for other students to perform this classic Disney Prince and Princess piece in the community this spring.  Students who are cast in this class will commit to performing at bookings throughout the spring.  Audition is a vocal audition.  Class will emphasize character development, harmonizing, and choreography.

8.  Rock the ROCK Audition  S380 (ages 12-18) Prerequisites:  ALL THREE FOUNDATION COURSES.
Teacher:   Ashley Miller
Rock musicals are an increasingly dominant force in contemporary musical theatre. Rock the Audition focuses in on this quickly growing area and defines what is required of a performer to succeed in the audition room and on stage. The class will explore: understanding of style and time period and relate that knowledge to how they perform or coach, use tools and tricks to nail all the vocal styles and understand how they changed with time, and synthesize the body, voice, and emotion in their performance (which requires a very different approach than traditional musical theatre).



Registration is open!

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