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Winter 2023 Thursday Class Callboad


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or text  @W23thurs
to the number. (709) 800-8931

To contact Miss Scarlet
use to text her
or email her at

Please note that your Cornerstone Coordinator is employed outside of Cornerstone, and as such, will be able to return emails and answer questions when they are not working at their other employment.  Please be patient and recognize that most questions are not emergencies...



Our Area Coordinator manages the paperwork and schedules and all the details for Cornerstone Classes on Thursday afternoons.  She keeps the students and teachers organized!  When you have questions, she has the answers!

Classes now go from 5:00-7:00 pm at Davenport Church of Christ, 68 Donlevy Avenue

Showcase INFO:  starts at 6:30 PM
Thursday, March 16
Doors open at 6:30 at New Life Fellowship
(20 Kelloway Crescent)

Parents -
please review with your child
  • Cornerstone expects all students to do their best
  • Attendance at Cornerstone Youth Theatre is a privilege and only good behavior is allowed.
  • No name-calling or profanity is allowed.


    • Cornestone students are expected to  dress appropriately and modestly. Dress for COMFORT and MOVEMENTStudents need to remain on site.
    • Cornerstone expects students to be respectful of property, and      any damage done to property will be charged to the student responsible.
    • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking are strictly prohibited.
    • Improper physical contact by students is not allowed.
    • Violation of listed guidelines may result in dismissal without refund

    "Norms" are guidelines for expected behaviour in ALL Cornerstone classes.  

    Teachers will share these organizational norms,
    as well as their personal guidelines, with their classes.
    1. No eating in the classroom.  You can drink from your water bottle, but no other liquids in classroom
    2. Respect your elders - staff, facility representatives, etc.  Students may not address teachers by their first names.
    3. Students will help the teacher to tidy and reset the classroom at the end of class, and will treat the property and equipment with care.
    4. Students need to ask permission to leave the classroom, and will stay on-site at all times.
    5. Dress modestly and appropriately.  Underwear is for under wear - not outer wear.
    6. Use honoring language and actions.  Do not gossip, name call, or use profanity.
    7. Respect yourself, respect others, respect property
    8. Do not interfere with someone else's learning.


      Auditions for Robin Hood
      Date: Friday, January 13
      Time :between 4:30-7:00 pm
      Location:    Davenport Church of Christ
      68 Donlevy Ave, Red Deer

      Info and Details Link:

      Auditions are OPEN - meaning that friends and family may watch auditions. 

      Sign up for Auditions
      and bring your filled in  Conflict Worksheet to class or auditions.    All rehearsal conflicts must be listed on the Conflict form.   Unexcused absences may result in dismissal from show.
      Auditions will be on a first come, first served basis, based on the Audition # you receive.

      When:   Saturday, January 14
      Where: Davenport Church of Christ
      68 Donlevy Ave, Red Deer
      Time:   9:00 am - 1:00 pm
      Callbacks are a closed procedure.   A call back is the Director's chance to take a second look at a performer.   You maybe asked to sing, read or dance.  You do not need to prepare in advance for a call back.  
      Being called back does not necessarily mean that you were cast in the show.  Also, not being called back does not mean that you didn't get a part.
      -  Cast members  are  required to be at all rehearsals for which they are scheduled & every performance.   
      - All rehearsal conflicts must be listed on the Conflict form.  

      Not all cast members are required at all rehearsals.

      -  Rehearsals  will be held   on  
      Fridays 4:30-8:30 pm & Saturdays 9AM -1PM.

      Unexcused absences may result in alteration of role and/or dismissal from show.   

      Audition Information: for Friday, January 13   
      Must be registered Cornerstone Students and between the ages of 8-18
      Limited to a one minute audition.
      If you didn't turn forms on the first class night, bring the Conflict Form and Behavior Contract to auditions.
      Walk-ins and enrollment are welcome on Audition night.
      Audition Questions?  

      Performed March 10 - March 19
      Seven Public Shows

      New Life Fellowship, North Red Deer

      School Day Performances
      March 14, 15
       Important Production Information

      - Cast Members  are required to pay a  $130 production fee  ( plus $65 per additional child cast).   Some additional personal costs include make-up, socks,  etc..  The production fee includes an additional 5 complimentary tickets to the show.
       TICKET SALES REQUESTED   :  Goal of a minimum 10 ticket sales per participating family.  The initial 5 tickets of this goal are now included in your production fee.  Families are free to book and use the tickets, or to give them away, or to sell them to friends and family who will want to see the show.

      When is your child too sick to come to class?

      SEE THE "how to book"


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