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Tuition - 2 hr Little Rascals (ages 6-7) - $195
Tuition - Core Classes & Specialty Classes  (ages 8-18) - $230
$25 Early Registration Discount for all students who register and

PAY IN FULL before the Deadline of two weeks before class starts!

Registration for Spring (April) classes opens soon!

Here are a few things to be aware of:

1.) Classes listed with a * have prerequisites.  Please read the class description for details before registering.

2.)  We have taken big strides towards further developing our 100-level classes so as to really lay a solid educational foundation for 200-level classes and beyond. If you have a question as to whether you meet the prerequisites for a class you’d like to take, please email the Cornerstone Artistic Director:  Stephanie Orr at

3.) Remember to list your second choice of class!
4.) There is a $25 drop fee.  Pro-rated refunds until after week 2 of class.  No refunds after the second week.
5.) Students need to achieve benchmarks and attend and participate in class to pass through Foundation Classes and Specialty Classes.

Families - there is a mandatory information meeting on the first day of class for your student and an accompanying adult.    Meeting is from 4:30 to approx. 5:30 - Students are dismissed to class at about 5....adults remain for a friendly Q&A.


begin April 12 
Thursdays from 4:30 - 6:30
#2 McVicar Street, South Red Deer
(First Church of the Nazarene)



Little Rascals LR99  (ages 6-7)
two hour class 4:30 to 6:30
Teacher:   Alison Snow   1 SPOT LEFT

This high-energy class introduces children to the fundamentals of theater, using songs, drama games, skits, and theater fun. It is designed to build self-confidence, practice working in a group setting, and stimulate imagination.
This age group is not eligible to audition for this session’s production.


Foundations of Drama D100  (ages 8-18)  
Teacher:   Jessica Krause   - FULL

Learn the basics of drama and acting in this creative course. From theater history to improv, this class is designed to give you a basic foundation of the world of drama.
* Students are exempt from this class upon verification of Drama 10 credi t

Foundations of Dance Movement M100  (ages 8-18)  
Teacher:   Ashley Miller - FULL

5, 6, 7, 8! It's time to get up and dance! Step up to all the basic techniques that will prepare you to take on any form of dance. Beyond the standard ballet positions you'll learn how to chasse, channe, pirouette, kick, leap, and more. Whether you want to learn Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop, or Ballroom, this class will give you the foundation you’ll need to succeed.
*Students are exempt from this class upon verification of 6 months of private dance lessons

Foundations of Voice V100  (ages 8-18)
Teacher:    Heather MacMillan - 5 SPOTS LEFT

Whether you sing in your church choir, along with Rock Band, or just in the shower, singing can be fun! Learn how to put those pipes to use with good technique and style. In this interactive class, students will learn the fundamental concepts and training of the voice learn proper posture and breathing techniques, phrasing and how to stay on pitch. Students will develop the confidence they need to perform solos in showcase through an encouraging learning environment.
*Students are exempt from this class upon verification of 6 months of private vocal lessons


Specialty 700:  Stunts and Combat (ages 12-18)    
Prerequisite - All three Foundation Classes (V100, D100, M100)
Teacher: Aidan DeGraff and Reid Mills

ndulge your adventurous side and create realistic stage fights including falls, hand to hand combat, and bar room brawls.  Incorporating tai chi, akido, judo, martial arts, and self defense. Stunts for Kids is essential for every serious actor's toolbox. Discover how to channel energy and aggression into performing stunts while keeping yourself safe.

Specialty 501: Audition Workshop for Kids (ages 8-14)
Prerequisite - Two Foundation Classes (V100, D100, or M100)
Teacher: Stephanie Orr and Laurette Woodward

Let's face it. Auditions can be scary.  We all get that feeling in the pit of our stomach right before we walk into the audition room. But if you're prepared and well-rehearsed, auditioning can be fun! Come join our team as we learn how to pick audition pieces that are perfect for us and how to shape those pieces into unforgettable performances. You will learn the techniques and tips that it takes to stand out, as well as the do's and don'ts in an audition situation. After this class, you'll be much more confident and prepared, so get ready to knock em dead!

Drama 227:  Improv 1 for Kids/Teens (ages 11-18) - FULL

Ages 11-12 - Prerequisite - All Three Foundation Classes (V100, D100, AND M100)
Ages 13 - 18 - Prerequisite - Foundations of Drama (D100) 

Teacher - Kyle Mills
Create drama, humor and stories on the spot. This class will give you the basic principles of improvisation and give you the confidence to embrace everything that is thrown at you when you don't have a script in your hands. Learn team building skills that will strengthen your ability to play with your partners on stage.  In this class that solely focuses on short-form improv, you will learn how to live in the moment” and confidently say Yes! to anything.

Specialty 1200 - Senior Follies (Grade 12 Students Only)    
Prerequisite - All three Foundation Classes (V100, D100, M100)

Teacher:   Stephanie Layden
Hello Cornerstone Seniors.! As we embark on this, the twilight of your era at Cornerstone, let us celebrate the productions and the people that are launching you out into the world. Brace yourselves to relive some of your favorite past productions and give a last hurrah to your time at Cornerstone. Students  will be putting together a showcase (with staff supervision) with selections from numbers that have been meaningful to you, incorporating dance, drama, and voice. This class will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will become a part of you! All Cornerstone high school seniors welcome. 

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