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Cornerstone Youth Theate is governed by a Policy Governing Board, which governs the organization by making policy. This policy determines the long-term direction of the organization. The board hires a senior staff person (our executive director)  to implement the board’s policies, and to manage the day-to-day business of the organization. The executive director is accountable to the board. Front-line staff and service volunteers are accountable to the executive director. These staff members and volunteers implement programs and services.


CHAIR - Wendy Heistad
PRESIDENT - Tari Puffer
TREASURER - Tanya Mullakady

To contact the Board of Directors, send an email to:   CORNERSTONE BOARD OF DIRECTORS .

Cornerstone Youth Theater in Central Alberta has been built on the Lord’s divine guidance and provision.  HE has supplied a wonderful Christian community full of local supporters and others from Idaho, Washington, Texas and California.   After years of attending Christian Youth Theater in Spokane, Washington,  Tari Puffer found herself in the place where she could bring her favorite children’s program to her city.  Tari had enjoyed traveling to Spokane to witness her sister Stephanie Orr’s work with Christian Youth Theater.  Her niece and nephew participated in show after show growing into young adults who were confident and able to present themselves well.  With her sister’s daily phone calls and encouragement, Tari was ready to go in 2009!  She had spent 6 months working for the program in Spokane and also spent time in San Diego attending a conference with Christian Youth Theater to gain a bigger view with the Corporate Vision.  

Tari and Stephanie started by hosting an interest meeting and before long, a steering committee was formed.  A small board was established with Tari Puffer, Tanya Mullakady and Wendy Heistad.  The board grew and many families joined.  Natalie Tonne and Toni Faddalone were instrumental as Area Coordinators in organization and leading the children and families.  We became the first international affiliate of Christian Youth Theater!  Heather Standish was incredibly supportive as she was our first Artistic Director. 

We started with participating in our local parade in 2009 and winning a first place ribbon! We were so proud of the kids and their costumes.  Our first shows were A Christmas Carol and The Emperor’s New Clothes followed by Charlotte’s Web and Snow White.  By the time we performed Annie, Stephanie Orr and her husband Kirk, had set up a part time living arrangement in Red Deer so she could direct Annie and become our new Artistic Director.  Eventually we rebranded ourselves as a local children’s theatre named Cornerstone Live Theatre Association known as Cornerstone Youth Theatre.  We have never looked back as we’ve enjoyed every show, every child and every opportunity to live in the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ!  He loves when we shine on His stage and He applauds the loudest. He shines through the students and He absolutely LOVES fun.  He has blessed Cornerstone Youth Theatre.  Our biggest desire is that we, as Founders, Directors, Board Members, staff and teachers, would be encourages and voices for LIFE!  We are victorious in Christ Jesus and we live in the knowledge that we were all created to shine and twinkle on His stage.

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