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Audition Tips
  • Practice your song or material so well that your almost sick of it, that’s when you know you are really prepared. Practice your introduction (“Hi my name is…I’m performing…”) as much as possible too. Perform your audition as much as you can in advance in front of the mirror and in front of as many people as you can.
  • Have fun with your audition and show us what makes you unique. Be yourself and have fun!
  • Watch the show, listen to songs on iTunes, YouTube. Research the show and roles.
  • Don’t sing along to a vocal track instead use a karaoke track without pre-recorded vocals – we want to hear your amazing voice!
  • Be flexible – sometimes you are called back for a role you didn’t anticipate. Treat all callback roles with the same level of dedication for the one you want. Sometimes you never know what you will get. If you are called back, you may also be asked to perform for additional roles that day. Know the songs from the show.
  • For dance audition, know that a dance is prepared and will be taught to you. You do not need to prepare anything ahead of time. Do not worry so much on memorizing every step during auditions. We are looking for coordination, rhythm, technique and skill level.
  • Put your own unique spin and attitude into your dance moves. We love to see character shine through. Facials are a HUGE plus in dance. They grab our attention. Always smile. Remember the most important part of your body as a dancer is your face.
  • Use eye contact in your introduction. Then pick a focal point to look at in the audition room (or a few focal points besides the director table), having specific places to fix your eyes helps you convey confidence.
  • Choose a song and karaoke track that you don’t have to strain to hit the notes. Pick a song that you enjoy.
  • Be creative, do something to stand out. For example, if you have good comic timing, dance or tumbling abilities, show them.
  • Prepare your heart attitude. Your part is the preparation. Give it everything you’ve got then leave the results with God. He will place you where He wants you to serve. Careful not to expect one certain role. Be open minded and trust Him in this. He places kings, presidents, and yes, even cast members!
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